Happy Dayz Bar

Xatt is-Sajjieda, Spinola Bay, St.Julian's

 HAPPY DAYZ is a new concept cafe in St.Julian's. Its relaxing atmosphere and stunning views of Spinola Bay makes it one of the best places to hangout in St.Julian's.   Our bar is fully stocked with local and foreign beer, spirits, minerals and even cocktails. You can come and visit us any time from 10am till night and have a fresh light snack  or relax with your friends whilst enjoying a drink.  FREE Wi-Fi AVAILABLE !!!! 

 The lively colours and relaxed setting of Happy Dayz is exactly that: a happy space.  

 Happy Dayz Bar is situated along the Spinola Bay coastline. It is a laid-back spot on the water's edge where you are sure to have a good time in great company. The location needs some discovering but the easiest and most scenic is to walk down from next to the 'Love' monument and walk all around Spinola Bay, passing by a few restaurants and boathouses, until you hit Happy Dayz Bar... this should take you less than five minutes on foot. 

 The evenings at Happy Dayz are an ideal place to meet up with friends. You can socialise over drinks from the fully stocked bar including wines, spirits, cocktails, shooters and beers.  Regular events such live bands and live DJs, especially on weekends, are popular and entertaining. Happy Dayz also organise themed nights such as Brazilian Nights and Reggae Nights which set a unique atmosphere. 

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